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Kenny Loggins

Your Heart Will Lead You Home


sunny days and starry nights
lazy afternoons
you count the castles in the clouds
and hum little tunes

but somehow right before your eyes
the sun fades away
everything is different
and everything has change

if you feel lost and on your own
and far from home
you never alone, you know

just think of your friends
the ones who care
they all will be waiting there
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with love to share
and your heart will lead you home

funny how a photograph can take you back in time
to places and embraces
that you thought you left behind

they're trying to remind you
that you're not the only one
that no one is an island
when all has said and done

there'll come a day when you're losing your way
and you won't know where you belong
they say that home is where your heart is
so follow your heart know that you can't go wrong

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