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Vinurinn Piglet 2.

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Piglet and Pooh






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 Piglet And Pooh

It's Tough Being Small


It's tough being small
To stand out from all the rest
It's not easy to find
Someone to see your best

Your kind, if not tall
A truer friend I can't find
You'll be there behind me
Like two old friends can
Like two old friends can

Who knows the right thing to say
When I'm feeling so blue
Oh Piglet, being with you
Is my friendliest thing to do

I can't jump too high
Why Piglet, you can touch the sky above
With you here I know
Life is much more fun

I like being small
(small is just a word)
With you to call a friend
(and is always there for you)
Therefore my deepest feelings be shared


You know Piglet, even though
your a very small animal
You've got a very big heart
Oh you're ten feet tall to me 


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