Galdrar, sjónhverfingar og furðulegar myndir.

Ţrautir, sjónhverfingar og myndaţrautir.



Einblíndu VEL á myndirnar stćkkađar, og kannađu hvađ ţú sérđ, hvernig ţér líđur, hvort ţú finnir eđa fattir, ţarft ađ fara ALVEG ađ skjánum međ augun viđ sumar myndanna, fjćr á öđrum.


Are the purple lines straight or do they bend?The instructions from HellThe Neverending StairsHow many legs does this elephant have?Can you find the baby?Keep staring at the black dot...Is it moving and shimmering?


Optical Illusion

Do you see a musician or a girl's face?

Strange Terrace

Think you could build that?

Can you find the other 4 wolves in the rocky cliffs?


Do you see a cube missing a corner?

Self Portrait

WARNING! This one will give you a headache!

3D Effect

Moving Circles

The Queen

Do you see an old man's face or two lovers kissing?

Can you see the three faces?

It's a spiral, right?

The Pool

How many colors do you see?

Spinning Wheels

Can you find the 13 hidden faces?

Stare at the gray dot in the center...

Do you see the face? Or an Eskimo?

Are they walking up the stairs, or down?

Looks like a spiral, right?

Which soldier is taller?


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